“Arising Out Of” – What Does it Mean Any More?


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“Arising Out Of” – What Does it Mean Any More? – March 25, 2022 at noon.

Since 1935, for workers’ compensation accidents to be compensable (covered under the Act),
they must “arise out of” employment. Simple, right? And after all these years, we know what
this core phrase means. Right?

Ummm, apparently, no – we do not.

In short order, the First District Court of Appeal has taken our understanding of “arising out of”
and turned it on our heads. Valcourt-Williams; Soya; and Silverberg: they now completely
rearrange our understanding of when an accident “arises out of” employment (and whether
immunity applies or not in tort). Whether an adjuster, a paralegal or an attorney; whether
analyzing facts and cases for a claimant or for the employer/carrier; whether seeking ‘comp
immunity or not; no matter who you are in or tangent to the workers’ compensation system – this
webinar is critical to understand the current definitions and nuances.

Continuing education credit (1 hour law) for adjusters; and continuing legal education credit for
paralegals and attorneys (1 hour law – and board certification credit for Civil Trial and Workers’

From 03/25/2022 to 03/25/2022
The course offering for 121034 – WEBINAR: ARISING OUT OF: WHAT DOES IT MEAN ANY MORE? from 03/25/2022 to 03/25/2022 has been APPROVED. The Course Offering ID is 1159017.

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