Calculating the WC Social Security Offset: Theory and Lab


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May 29, 2020, at noon.

Often, workers’ compensation attorneys, adjusters, and paralegals are faced with what feels like the “calculus” problem of ‘comp: calculating a Social Security [Disability] offset. This class takes a unique approach: More than reviewing the “concepts” of the offsets, this webinar begins by examining the framework (and terminology) for calculating the offsets; but then provides an actual opportunity to practice offset problems. Theory – and lab, both! For this ever-changing area of the workers’ compensation law, this course provides the framework and know-how to master this important and precise calculation.

This course is $35.00. It is for attorneys, paralegals, adjusters, and HR professionals.

OFFERING: From 05/29/2020 to 05/29/2020
The course offering for 112272 – WEBINAR: CALCULATING THE WC SOCIAL SECURITY OFFSET: THEORY AND LAB from 05/29/2020 to 05/29/2020 has been APPROVED. The Course Offering ID is 1123393.

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