Medical Marijuana: Employee Rights v. Employer Rights


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Just a few years ago, Florida voters passed Amendment 2 – Medical Use of Marijuana. The state legislature then enacted § 381.986 (2017), creating a system for those in Florida to obtain medically prescribed marijuana. For employees and employers in Florida, where do this law leave us? This topical webinar from Lunch and Learn With Tim explores the potential conflicts arising from the medical use of marijuana and the workplace: benefits for people employed, but a concern for their employers. The webinar begins with the elements of medical marijuana use – who qualifies, physician parameters, and legal exceptions. Then the fun begins – exploring the employee’s rights in connection with an employer’s drug-free workplace, its workers’ compensation benefits, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The webinar also provides a venue to ask questions and get answers. Learn how to navigate these employment laws for those for whom medical marijuana is one solution to their disability.

From 06/28/2019 to 06/28/2019
The course offering for 108953 – WEBINAR: MEDICAL MARIJUANA: EMPLOYEE RIGHTS V. EMPLOYER RIGHTS from 06/28/2019 to 06/28/2019 has been APPROVED. The Course Offering ID is 1107571.

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