Shield or Sieve? Employer Tort Immunity and Workers’ Compensation Exclusivity


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Since 1935 (Florida’s inception of workers’ compensation), employers have enjoyed a statutory exclusivity of liability (§ 440.11) with their employees – if workers’ compensation benefits are provided, the employer shall not be liable to employees in tort. Throughout the decades, though, one exception after another evolved, eroding what initially appeared to be an impenetrable “shield” of immunity. Now – the question is whether what was supposed to be a shield has actually become a sieve? This webinar provides lawyers, paralegals, adjuster, and HR professionals an update on the state of the ever-shifting area of tort law – providing both offensive as well as defensive strategies. (Florida Bar board certification credit for civil trial, labor & employment law, and workers’ compensation.)

From 02/28/2020 to 02/28/2020
The course offering for 111588 – WEBINAR: SHIELD OR SIEVE: EMPLOYER TORT IMMUNITY AND WORKERS COMPENSATION EXCLUSIVITY from 02/28/2020 to 02/28/2020 has been APPROVED. The Course Offering ID is 1120746.

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