Testimony by Experts (§ 90.702) – Going Forward in Reverse?


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Arguably the most complicated area of evidence involves the testimony of experts under
§ 90.702, F.S. Before substantively guiding an expert’s testimony, an attorney must first maneuverer procedurally so that the expert’s testimony is even admissible. Florida law has changed much, and changed quickly in this area – from Frye testimony to Daubert – and now to Delisle v. Crane, Co. (Fla. S.Ct. October 15, 2018). Are you ready for the changes? Without the proper evidentiary predicate, even the most persuasive expert’s testimony won’t see the light of trial. This webinar provides that expertise. Whether an attorney, paralegal, or adjuster, everyone involved in the litigation process needs to learn the ever-changing rules of expert testimony.

Course: Testimony by Experts (§ 90.702) – Going Forward in Reverse?
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