Un-Friendly: Social Media and Judicial Recusal


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While judges are people, too, because they are judges there are naturally limits placed on them so that litigants and attorneys can be assured that their cases will be heard by a neutral arbiter. Limits on judicial involvement in social media is a growing area of concern. What a judge says in Facebook posts or who a judge “friends” can bring into question the judge’s ability to hear a case neutrally. With social media, what is enough to recuse a judge? A new Florida Supreme Court case, Law Offices of Herssein & Herssein, P.A. v. USAA (Fla. November 15, 2018) illustrates clearly how confused and divided (decided 4 – 3) the topic is. This latest webinar from Lunch and Learn With Tim looks at where the law of recusing a judge based upon social media accounts now stands – and peers ahead to where the law might (or should) go.

From 03/29/2019 to 03/29/2019
The course offering for 107737 – UN-FRIENDLY: SOCIAL MEDIA AND JUDICIAL RECUSAL-WEBINAR from 03/29/2019 to 03/29/2019 has been APPROVED. The Course Offering ID is 1102370.

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