Teaching since 1985; lawyering since 1991!

Yep, I’m the speaker with the sneakers! Thanks to a comical wardrobe malfunction several people know me for my peculiar conference attire.

Tim Jesaitis began the practice of law after graduating from Stetson University College of Law, cum laude, in 1990. But, in some ways, it didn’t start there. Tim graduated from the University of South Florida first with a degree in English, then a Master’s Degree in English Education. He taught English at USF and then at Admiral Farragut Academy (and, yes: I’m afraid spelling still counts!). Then he became a lawyer. All that time teaching put him in front of various audiences, educating the masses. Speaking at seminars, then, puts Tim back in the classroom (thankfully, without the homework).

Tim began his law career at Henderson Franklin in Fort Myers, under the mentorship of Albert M. Frierson, Esq. (pretty much the man who wrote Chapter 440!). What heady days — learning the practice of worker’s compensation, traveling to Tallahassee for legislative sessions, and then being a principal drafter of the Florida Administrative Code after the 1994 session, reformatting all those rules and regulations (forms, forms, forms!).

After becoming board certified in 1997, Tim moved back in St. Petersburg where his family lived. With his wife and two young daughters, Tim opened his own defense practice. In 1998, Tim returned to the classroom, this time on the other side of the desk at Stetson, an adjunct professor teaching — what else? — workers’ compensation. From 2004-2008, Tim served on the Executive Council for the Workers’ Compensation of the Florida Bar.

Beyond the practice of law, Tim keeps very busy with his family, his church, and Bible Study Fellowship (BSF). Tim has been married with Susie for over thirty years, and love to travel as time permits.

Known for his analysis and humor, Tim now takes his show on the electronic road. He’s transformed and updated his seminar materials into these continuing education classes.