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These recorded webinars are 50 minutes long. With each purchase, you receive (1) a link to the video, and (2) the Handout for the course. (The Florida Bar course number is included in the Handout.)

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Additional Topics

Lunch and Learn With Tim offers a wide variety of additional topics to meet all of your continuing education needs!

Bias Elimination: Decoding and Managing Personalities

You know who you are – now learn who they are! Over the years, psychologists have designed tests to decode different human personalities. In compliance with the Florida Bar CLE requirements, this webinar provides bias elimination by exploring the intricacies, testing, and management skills through the following models: Myers-Briggs, Big Five Personality; 16 Personalities; Enneagram;…

Cancer & Firefighters – Florida’s New Statutory Coverage

Effective July 1, 2019, newly created § 112.1816 provides, as an alternative to traditional workers’ compensation, financial and medical benefits for firefighters diagnosed with cancer. Critical then, to human resource directors, risk managers, adjusters, attorneys, and paralegals, is a mastery of the critical elements for these new cancer benefits – the statutory prerequisites, the scope…

Discovering Ethics WEBINAR – Considerations During Litigation

Discipline for adjuster misconduct can come from several sources – the Department of Insurance or the courts themselves. This course examines the court’s potential responses, and examines how to place into practice – especially during the heated moments during litigation – various Codes of Ethics (69B-220.201 Ethical Requirements): 3(c) – no actions prejudicial to the…

Ethics – One Step Away

When it comes to ethical violations (for attorneys or adjusters), the biggest risk may be in that first step away from the Oath of Admissions or Code of Ethics – the first step over the line. In this very interactive webinar, Lunch and Learn With Tim exams six (6) provisions in the Oath and in…

Expert Witnesses (§ 90.702) – What Do We Need to Know Now?

(Recorded on Friday, August 30, 2019 at 12:00) Since 2013, Florida has struggled with the issue of expert witnesses – what should be the standard for their testimony: Frye or Daubert? Is “opinion testimony” in or out? In October 2018, the Florida Supreme Court “decided” the issue, once and for all. Then, in May 2019,…

Mediation in Workers’ Compensation Cases: Are You Really Ready?

Workers’ compensation mediation is an experience unlike any other – so many types, so many terms, so many players, and so many tangent considerations! Successfully preparing for and attending mediation is truly not as easy as it looks. Thus, it begs the question – “Are you really ready?” Lunch and Learn With Tim’s newest webinar…

Medical Marijuana: Employee Rights v. Employer Rights

Just a few years ago, Florida voters passed Amendment 2 – Medical Use of Marijuana. The state legislature then enacted § 381.986 (2017), creating a system for those in Florida to obtain medically prescribed marijuana. For employees and employers in Florida, where do this law leave us? This topical webinar from Lunch and Learn With…

Testimony by Experts (§ 90.702) – Going Forward in Reverse?

Arguably the most complicated area of evidence involves the testimony of experts under § 90.702, F.S. Before substantively guiding an expert’s testimony, an attorney must first maneuverer procedurally so that the expert’s testimony is even admissible. Florida law has changed much, and changed quickly in this area – from Frye testimony to Daubert – and…

The Workers’ Compensation “One-Time Change” – Time for a Second Look

Friday, September 27, 2019 at 12:00! Even though Florida’s workers’ compensation claimants have had the statutory right for a “one-time change” in treating physicians since 2001, nearly twenty years of case law show us that we do not know all that we may need to know in this nuanced area of the law. This Lunch…

Un-Friendly: Social Media and Judicial Recusal

While judges are people, too, because they are judges there are naturally limits placed on them so that litigants and attorneys can be assured that their cases will be heard by a neutral arbiter. Limits on judicial involvement in social media is a growing area of concern. What a judge says in Facebook posts or…

Understanding “Light Duty” – Employee and Employer Rights

“Light duty” – the term conjures up more questions than answers for human resource managers, employees, adjusters, and attorneys. For example: Urban myth or truth - an employee on workers’ compensation can’t be fired? Be confused no more! This latest webinar from Lunch and Learn With Tim provides the legal framework for the when and…

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